Tirsan Kardan targets a wide range of market segments with its broad product portfolio. The chart below shows our current applications;

Our single and multi piece cardan shafts are proving themselves to be the best by taking their places in the leading vehicles of the Light Commercial Vehicle market.

The benefits of our optimized designs are;

  • Lighter cardan shafts
  • Long guarantee periods
  • No-oil (lifelong) UJs and slip assemblies
  • Improved NVH
  • Staked type joints
  • Improved weld resistance
  • Improved tube strength
  • High temperature resistance
  • Optimized design of parts


Our cardan shafts for the Heavy Commercial segment are being used by many OEM customers. Additionaly, our products are one of the supportive factors of the Kamaz team who have become the Dakar Rally champion for many consecutive years and this way our products are being real-life tested in the most harsh environments in the Rally.

The benefits of our Heavy-segment designs are;

  • Lighter cardan shafts
  • Longer guarantee periods
  • No oil (life-long) UJs and Slip assemblies
  • Improved NHV
  • Improved tube strength
  • Higher temperature resistanace
  • Optimized design of parts


Our twin style cardan shafts designed especially for the military and industrial equipments are being used in many applications.