About Us

Tirsan Kardan, a Tiryakiler Group company employs more than 600 people and aims to become the leader of its sector by assuring its position in the global market.

Tirsan’s top priority in its endavour to become a global brand is customer satisfaction. We have and always will meet the needs of our customers. With the aim of becoming a leader in its sector, Tirsan continuously seeks and capitalizes on opportunities in developing and developed markets where its customers operate and seek to expand. This is achieved through the establishment of local assembly plants, warehouses and other logistical or productive capabilities in locations according to the needs of our customers. This global vision is supplemented by a meticulous process of local planning to maximize our efficiency as an international actor.

Our current production and assembly plants are located in Turkey, Russia and Egypt. We have recently started operations in our latest assembly plant in Italy, to meet the needs of our European and international customers more competitively.

In order to give JIS service to our customers we are currently working with local warehouses in United States, Germany and Italy.

The image on the left shows our current global reach.